Self Confidence Help – How to Become More Confident

Hey guys, here’s one tip before going out: check yourself in the mirror.

Everyone should do it for obvious reasons. First, it appeases you that you look alright, if not dashingly handsome. And second, it can build confidence.

You now know how dressing well helps impress the ladies and build confidence. Guys who know how to pick the right clothes and wear them right have better chances of getting women interested in them—even if they are not that great-looking. This is because what you wear can influence how you feel and behave. If you have something expensive and nice-looking on, you’ll feel special—and sexy. This in turn, will then manifest in the way you move and talk to the ladies.

Good clothes will reinforce and improve self esteem. If you ask why dressing well improves confidence, check out this post.

To improve self esteem, you need to have to get over your poor body image problem. This can be achieved by two things: (1) dressing really well, and (2) constantly telling yourself that you look good until you believe it.

Number 1 is easy to do. Number 2, on the other hand, can be quite challenging. Lucky for you, I have here some tips on how you can get over your poor body image and build confidence.

Tip #1 Have a positive mindset

I’m sure you’ve heard a lot of people tell you that “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.”  It may be old, but it is true. It’s why people have been telling each other this all of the time. Remember that everyone has their own standards of beauty. Someone may not think of you as handsome, but others could be very attracted to you.

Tip #2 Build confidence in your mind

The mind is a wonderful thing. It can make things happen. If you feel unattractive, you can change that by making your mind think that you are an adorable, lovable, and attractive person. How does this happen? You just need to give yourself a pep talk. Look at the mirror and tell yourself “I am good-looking,” “I look great today,” and “I feel good about myself.” Do this regularly until you have programmed your mind.

Tip #3 Take comfort in the fact that most people believe they are less attractive than they actually are

This is no joke, pals. As a matter of fact, certain research proved that most people are more attractive than they believe. So if you feel like you don’t stand a chance with women because there are far more attractive guys in the crowd, you can actually be as good-looking as them.

Tip #4 Smile, improve your posture, and be calm

There are other factors that can help improve your self esteem. Smiling, being calm, standing erect are among them. Being attractive doesn’t only mean you have to dress well. No amount of pretty clothes will make you look attractive if you’re slouching and scowling.

Tip #5 Know when not to say anything

There is such a thing as calm and silent confidence. Ever noticed how some girls like men who are mysteriously quiet? It’s because they appear confident. When you’re too nervous in meeting a woman, you may find yourself saying the wrong things, and this will only make you look stupid. So it’s better to shut your mouth and appear mysterious to them.

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